Agora Admins “Relatively Certain” Market Will Return on Sunday

The Agora Marketplace has been completely offline since early this week, but today users got a much-anticipated update from the site’s operators and an estimated time-frame in which the market will resume operations.

The following was posted on the Agora Forums by the market’s official account:

We have been working on restoring the service and now came at least to a point where we can work out a time estimate. We are relatively certain that we will be able to restore the functionality by the end of 19th April, UTC time. Sorry for this prolonged downtime, we know that it has inconvenienced many of you. Such problems are mostly caused by the amount of security that we have, which unfortunately has some drawbacks in the times when some elements of the system fail. We have always placed more priority on the security and safety, above for example speed and availability, and this focus is not going to change, even if we know that some of our users do get inconvenienced by it during times like these. We can at least assure you that the balances and funds are safe and you shall be able to use/withdraw them once the site goes back online.

Official Announcement by Agora Admins

Official Announcement by Agora Admins

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