Agora Marketplace Announces 24-48 Hours of Downtime for Security Related Maintenance

Last week’s Evolution Marketplace exit scam has given users of darknet markets plenty of new reasons to be wary, but users of the Agora Marketplace shouldn’t panic about today’s downtime. Agora’s operators have posted a PGP-signed message announcing that the market will be offline for the next 24 to 48 hours due to their security protocols.

Agora has been a reliable market since its creation, however it has always been subject to regular downtime. According to the reliable darknet market uptime monitor, Agora has been online 84.06% of the time since DNStats began monitoring them 11 months ago, which amounts to more than 3 hours every day. While this is a common complaint in the darknet community, many fans and supporters of Agora counter that much of the downtime comes from following industry-leading security practices, including regularly moving server locations to avoid detection and monitoring.

For now, while this is certainly an inconvenience to some users, there is certainly no reason for users of the Agora marketplace to panic. I personally applaud the Agora staff for putting in place a solid security protocol, and sticking to it.

Agora admins announce downtime

Agora admins announce downtime

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We are sorry to say that we have yet another downtime, especially considering the latest bad news within the dark market ecosystem. However our security protocols have unfortunately again caused an incident that we have to resolve and we estimate that this can take 24 hours, in the worst case 48 hours of downtime.
We wish to assure you that we haven't "run off" with any money and the service will be restored properly.
All the deposit addresses will be restored as before, but obviously we don't encourage you to deposit anything at this time, it's only common sense to wait with that until the issue has been resolved and the site is operational again.
Thank you for understanding.

-----END PGP SIGNATURE----- has confirmed the validity of this message.

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