Agora Marketplace Back Online but Struggling to Handle the Increase of Traffic from Agora


The Agora Marketplace, due to the Evolution Marketplace Scam, is now by far the largest Darknet Marketplace on earth. The market has suffered constant downtime since the flood of Evolution users began. The admins had issued a statement on their website, revealing that they are upgrading their hosting infrastructure to handle all the new vendors and buyers. This is a great sign, hopefully soon Ago will be available more often for everyone.

The statement was not signed by Agora’s official PGP key, however it is displayed on the dashboard page when users log in, so it was certainly published by whoever currently controls the market. has confirmed that this message is being shown on the Agora marketplace dashboard, and has reprinted it here in full along with a screenshot.

We know there are availability problems currently associated with all the new users from Evolution. We are working on upgrading our infrastructure to improve the situation.

will provide updates on this situation as it develops. You can follow us on twitter for the most up-to-date details.

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