Agora Marketplace Fees and Referral Program

The following is reprinted here exactly as published in the Agora Marketplace Info/Help section.

Fees and Referral Program

Referral program

Agora employs a referral program: if you refer to another user by means of giving them your referral link and, you are going to receive referral benefits from all the fees we collect from that user.

If the user becomes a vendor, you are going to receive 20% of fees on each order he receives.

If the referred user stays a buyer, you are going to receive 10% of fees we collect from any order that user places with any vendor.

Being referred does not imply any losses for the referred users or vendors. Your share is coming from our own fees which would be collected anyway.

Basically we want the community to make money as well as us, attracting users who are actually interested in making the service the best it can be, by providing feedback.

Referral links
To refer another user, use your referral link which you can find on your Profile page, once registered. A referral link looks like this: http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/register/RFZ5gSM902


The base fee (from which the referral percentages are calculated) is currently 4%.The fee is taken from the amount which is received by the vendor. The buyer always pays the actual amount that is displayed for every product. The vendor receives that amount minus the fee.

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