Official Agora Market Rules

The following is reprinted here exactly as published in the Agora Marketplace Info/Help section.

Anonymity is sacrosanct here. You are to respect the anonymity of all Agora users to the greatest extent possible. Vendors may not threaten buyers in any way, shape, or form. You must have a valid vendor account to sell anything on Agora.

Forbidden products and services

  • Assassinations or any other services which constitute doing harm to another.
  • Weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological, explosives, etc.
  • Poisons.
  • Child pornography.
  • Live action snuff/hurt/murder audio/video/images.
  • Direct means of access to privately owned accounts containing private value or property (monetary or otherwise) which has been obtained by the seller without the original owner’s explicit consent with the primary intent of stealing the said value or property held in the account. This includes (among other things) stolen credit/debit cards, credit/debit card dumps, Paypal (or other similar services) accounts, bank accounts.

Other practical directives

  • If you accept that customers go through the escrow system for buying your products, you may add “No-FE” flag to your products, which will usually put your products higher up in listings.
  • If you do not accept escrow for certain or all of your products (in other words, if you require FE), do not put up the “No-FE” flag. This is simply false advertising and we reserve the right to fine you an appropriate amount if we deem that you have done so consciously.
  • Products should always be in the correct category, as far as possible.
  • Custom listings should be made using the “hidden” category which will also hide them from other users.
  • Do not link buyers directly to other markets or other off-site sales with direct urls from your profile or product page. We understand if you choose to use another site in addition to Agora, or in replacement of it. There is nothing wrong with that. We simply request that you comply with the rules in that you do not direct customers off Agora to purchase from you. We’re sure sure you wouldn’t allow another vendor to advertise their products on your vendor page so please show us the same respect.


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