Gwern Has Assembled A Comprehensive List of Darknet Market-Related Arrests

A listing of all known arrests and prosecutions connected to the Tor-Bitcoin drug black-markets.

/r/DarknetMarkets admin gwern has updated his thorough list of worldwide arrests related to Darknet Marketplaces.

I compile a table and discussion of all known arrests and prosecutions related to Tor-Bitcoin black-markets such as Silk Road 1, along with discussion of how they came to be arrested.

Online black-market users have been arrested in a number of countries, for many different reasons, and dating back to not long after the opening of Silk Road 1 in January 2011. Because of the novelty of such markets and the relatively durable communities, a surprising number of arrests eventually become known. While we’ll never know all the users who experience imperial entanglements, published reports at least yield a lower bound on their numbers and are enlightening as to law enforcement methods & OPSEC lessons.

For information on the markets themselves (active & past), see Black-market survival; for discussion of the ordering process, economics, cryptography, and politics of the black-markets, see Silk Road.

The sections are split up by market, then by country.

To suggest or correct entries, you can contact me via email & PGP or in the comments section.


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