Mirror of the Evolution Forum Released by Torrent


Reddit user and reliable expert technology researcher gwern has released a torrent allegedly containing the contents of the official Evolution forum, that was shut down on March 17, 2015, as a part of the Evolution exit scam.

As posted on Reddit:

To help with the fallout from the Evolution exit scam and let people look up discussions of vendors, their feedback threads, and anything they might’ve posted to the Evolution forums like contact info, I am releasing my mirrors of the Evolution forums:


This is a 1.1GB XZ-compressed tarball which unpacks to ~290GB, containing mirrors from 2014-01 – 2015-03; as with the Evolution market mirrors, each subfolder is a single wget crawl dated when it finished, of varying levels of completeness.

Note that the mirrors are heavily redundant since forums are cumulative, so unless you’re looking for something you think was deleted, you may only want to extract the last few crawls. A tar option along the lines of –wildcards “*2015-03-*” should work.

(Hopefully this scrape won’t get me shadowbanned too.)

Darknetmarkets.org will work on verifying the validity of the contents as well as the safety of the file. We will consider publishing the entire contents of the forums here on our website.

Source: gwern
Shortlink: http://drk.lol/554