“Mr. Nice Guy” Market Paid for Recent Attacks on Other Markets, was Preparing to Exit Scam.

DeepDotWeb is reporting that an account used by the party responsible for the recent wave of DDOS attacks against most of the main darknet markets has been hacked by an affected market operator, and the results are explosive. It appears fairly clear that the operator of the “Mr. Nice Guy” market, after being the victim of an attack and extortion attempt himself, paid the attacker to ramp up attacks against other markets in order to increase the profits of his own market.

He also openly discusses conspiring with the attacker to operate his marketplace as a fractional reserve at best, an exit scam at worst.

Needless to say, no one should ever use the Mr. Nice Guy marketplace, and if you have any coins there, try to remove them immediately.

Mr Nice Guy’s Market had never been listed on our darknet market list because we found their requirement that buyers reveal their address to the market extremely suspicious and unreasonable. There is no reason to do anything other than encrypt your address with the vendor’s PGP key yourself.

Much credit and thanks to DeepDotWeb for this excellent reporting. Read the entire article for all of the details, including the response from Mr. Nice Guy’s operator.


Short link to this page: drk.li/842