User Takes Credit for Attacks on the Panacea Flower Sanctuary, Threatens Worse if Market Reopens


Panacea Flower Sanctuary is a small Darknet Market operating as a Tor hidden service, that restricts its listings to natural products such as marijuana and schrooms. Reports indicate that the marketplace and its forum have been offline for several days, leaving some users concerned about Panacea’s future.

Those concerns were made worse today after a user on Reddit took responsibility for the attacks, insulting the team behind Panacea and threatening worse attacks should the market ever repoen.

Ahoy Mates I am Death Star. I am responsible for attacking panacea the past week. WARNING to the community: Hawk and company have no business running a market. They are putting people in danger with their inept skill set. They have made so many fundamental mistakes total amateurs. If this site opens again I will increase the ferocity of my attacks. The fools running this site have less knowledge than Benthall..need I say more? If the thrill of possibly getting ripped off or busted excites you stay there and defy my request. I am not a thief but if you vend or use that site again eventually you will pay a stupidity tax. To the admins of panacea do everyone a favor and go away quietly. You tried and failed. Repay the coins stuck there and go I make no threats only promises, Take it for what you will. But I am not playing mud slinging or talking bull. I am as serious as a heart attack


So far the alleged attacker has offered no tangible proof that they were responsible for the attacks. We have reached out to both representatives of Panacea and the user who claimed responsibility. We will post updates as the situation develops.

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