Warning: Evolution Marketplace Users Report That Withdrawals Have Stopped Working


Users on the official Evolution Marketplace Forum have been reporting that their withdrawals have stopped being processed. Several vendors have indicated that they will be going on Vacation mode until the problem is resolved.

The Evolution Marketplace has been one of the top two most reliable darknet markets for over one year, and has earned a great deal of trust from the community. However, stopping withdrawals while still allowing deposits is a common first step in many of the previous market exit scams, so many users are naturally concerned.

Darknetmarkets.org suggests that anyone who may use the Evolution Marketplace refrain from making deposits until this situation is resolved. It may also be a good idea to put in a withdrawal request for any funds you may have in your account.

We will update you while the situation develops.

UPDATE: Evolution owner Kimble has posted on the official Evolution forums that the withdrawal problems are caused by an influx of large withdrawal requests, and that things should be back to normal within 24 hours.  The Darknetmarkets.org deposit warning remains in place.

UPDATE 2: (Now presumably former) Evolution Market employee NSWGreat has posted a daming update, accusing Evolution owners Kimble and Verto of exit scamming.

UPDATE 3: The Evolution Market and official forums have both gone offline.