WARNING: Owner of New “Mr Nice Guy’s” Market May Have Doxxed Himself on Reddit


DarknetMarkets.org can not independently confirm any of the below information. However, due to the likelihood of the following displaying serious errors in OpSec, combined with the fact that Mr Nice Guy’s is a new, untrusted, centralized-escrow market, we are issuing a warning to stay away from them for the time being.

Users on the r/darknetmarkets subreddit have found links between a number of reddit accounts that have posted personal information, including locations and pictures, and the account that represents the creators of the net darknet market called “Mr Nice Guy’s”. All incriminating posts have now been deleted.

Edit – He deleted everything. Thanks for confirming you’re the owner of both accounts for us, you fucking bent knob.

Before I begin, I’d like to point out there is nothing against reddit’s rules in this post. All of this information is publicly accessible on reddithere and here. No backups of this data have been made off of reddit, so if /u/Randomizer_Bot decides he wants to delete everything off of his accounts, he can.


  1. /u/Randomizer_Bot announces the launch of his new market here
  2. Here he says he’s 17 years old. For shame boy, you aren’t even old enough to be on this subreddit!
  3. Here he links to another reddit account of his, /u/gilded_biscuit.
  4. Here he says his birthday is December 20th.
  5. Here he posts a picture that, from a reverse image search on Google, appears to be one he took himself, probably in his home. The image has a bit of EXIF data on it – no GPS, but enough that you could probably link it to a specific model of camera which could provide corroborative evidence in the event of a raid. Same with the table in the background and the calculator itself.
  6. Another pic taken with the same camera, it seems.
  7. This post in /r/Mundelein wanting to buy BTC with cash, implying he is living in or near Mundelein, Illinois.
  8. Here he links to a page where you can initiate some kind of trade with him via Steam. I don’t have Steam so I couldn’t log in and see what all info this gave up, but I’m sure Steam would be able to tell the feds exactly who he is from this.
  9. This post reinforces the notion that he lives in Illinois.
  10. Not so much an opsec slip-up, but just a funny little thing I found. Apparently he approves of doxing people and offers to help do it.
  11. A picture of our hero! This is pretty much as revealing as it gets. Well, other than seeing somebody’s eyes. Only eyes would truly make for a slam dunk case and get this little jabroni sent to butt-rapin’ prison for the rest of his natural life.
  12. This comment implies he’s using Windows.
  13. Another Steam link

To close… go fuck yourself, /u/Randomizer_Bot. Your market is trash, your opsec is trash, and you are trash. You are not cut out for this. Darknet markets like yours endanger members of our community and you should be ashamed of yourself for that.

The owner of Mr. Nice Guy’s market has issued a PGP-signed statement in response to these allegations.

I am the Mr. Nice Guy (signed with PGP) Like many markets we have volunteers, recently some guys on Reddit thought they identified, or “doxxed” me in their terms. In fact they may have identified a volunteer, whom I don’t know. Anybody who thought that a 17 years old kid did the Mr. Nice Guy Market and than would be so stupid to do what he has done, must not be the smartest person him self. Com’on man!

Anyway I hope my market is getting a chance on Reddit some time! I have launched about a month ago and the market has grown significantly since than, there is currently 7850 registrations. I have had so many positive messages from users and vendors and it really seems that people like this market a lot.

Short Link: drk.lol/577