WARNING: Watch out for NSWGreat, former Evolution employee, doing his own exit scam on Agora


NSWGreat has gained a huge amount of attention over the past several months. Between interviews with mainstream media and an active presence on Reddit and the forums, they were already well known before they became a large player in the Evolution Marketplace exit scam by being the first insider to announce that the scam was actually taking place.

Besides their work in promoting Evolution, NSWGreat is also a narcotics dealer operating in the state of New South Wales in Australia. They have been criticized for poor OpSec, including printing their name on their acid tabs, and announcing when they are receiving large shipments.

Almost immediately after the Evolution scam became apparent, NSWGreat created a number of listings on Agora for drugs that, according to those monitoring NSWGreat’s forum posts, he did not have. All of these listings are Finalize Only.

We strongly recommend staying away from NSWGreat’s listings, as it is becoming apparent that he is attempting an exit scam of his own.

Further information from Reddit:

A little more info about the scammer NSWGreat
Anyone who followed the Evo Australian thread knows what this guy’s been up to for the last few weeks. He’s a fucking disaster.

The Australian thread was a 250+ page thread where Australian vendors and customers could discuss vendors, product, stealth, etc, on the Australian domestic market. NSWGreat, being a moderator, would edit/remove spam posts, lead the discussion, and generally have his dick sucked by every Australian poster.

NSWGreat would frequently use the thread to talk about his everyday life – what drugs he was taking (usually a mixture of heroin and benzos for some stupid reason), how much money he was making from sales – both online and offline, because this idiot sells to his extended circle of friends too. He’s a well known IRL as a drug dealer. He talked about parties he was attending, how girls he wanted to fuck knew he was a drug dealer, and how it made him feel like a man when girls who didn’t use drugs knew he sold.

He was like Ross with his diary, except he put it online for all to see. He frequently got too high to make rational decisions, put too much personal information in his posts, and later had to edit it out. Even his name is bad opsec – NSW stands for New South Wales, the state where he lives. For months, LEO have known that if they want to infiltrate Evo, all they need to do is follow the trail of breadcrumbs back to this clown. The Australian government loves to suck up to the USA. NSWGreat is probably the most wanted drug criminal in Australia right now.

Even on the DNM coke in Australia is bad. Heavily cut and selling for upwards of $400 per gram. For the last few weeks, NSWGreat has been talking about a 1 kg brick of cocaine he was supposedly receiving. Did I mention that he would frequently tell everyone when his bulk shipments were due to land? Oh yeah, he did that too. “Got a big batch of MDMA coming in the next few days guys”, etc.

So anyway, about this cocaine shipment. So excited was NSWGreat to bring quality coke to the Australian market that he was planning to have a party with it. He was going to take one of his friends and a girl who had never tried cocaine away for a couple of days, promise to supply a quarter gram, and then surprise them by throwing the whole 1 kilo brick onto the table. It was such a big event that he put his vending accounts into vacation mode. The timing of this vacation? The exact time that Evo withdrawals started grinding to a halt in a major way.

Last night he dazzled us all with a phony story about how he had the worst day ever. A package that was supposed to contain cocaine, actually arrived containing old shoes. Yet at this very moment he has a bunch of FE only cocaine listings on his Agora account as part of his “closing down sale” Don’t believe me? Check for yourself.

Lies, lies, lies.

The “brick” he was supposedly getting was 1 kg. Right now, he has a listing for 1.5 kg of cocaine on his Agora account. Oh yeah, and his “closing down” sale? $350 for a gram of coke. Yeah right buddy, I’ll pay street prices for a gram of phantom coke from an exit scammer… pfft. Go fuck yourself you scamming scummy cunt.

At best this guy is an idiot. At worst he’s a filthy scammer. Right now I’d say it’s a little from column A, and a little from column B. I doubt he received a big share of Verto and Kimble’s loot, but would not be surprised if he was paid off pennies on the dollar to keep his trap shut until it was too late. And just as a final aside, NSWGreat likes to talk about how he can’t be a scammer. There’s no way he would let his friend Peaceful be duped out of 230 coins. Everyone who’s followed Peaceful knows he was planning a vacation. NSWGreat would not have known that Peaceful was about to deposit a large amount of coin into the market.

UPDATE: NSWGreat’s Agora account has been disabled, with a notice that says “Restricted/scamming investigation.” Thanks to the Agora staff who took quick action on this situation. Hopefully not many users fell for this loser’s scam attempt. Many people are hoping that his arrogant behavior, outright fraud, and lax security will earn him a visit from Australia’s finest.

*NOTE: DarknetMarkets.org uses the pronoun they to describe a single person when their sex is not known, or in a situation where a user or vendor could be a group of people.

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